The Daedra

Siblings of the Aedra (The Nine Divines), they refused to participate in the Creation. They are still worshipped by large numbers of the populace, especially the Dunmer. However, worship is generally discouraged in favor of the Nine Divines. Some overzealous witchhunters persecute Deadra worshippers, but Deadra worshipping is not a crime in itself, but can be used as additional evidence of crimes. There are many lesser Deadra, but only the Daedric Princes are worshipped as gods. There are seventeen princes, the most popular being:

Azura: of the Crimson Gate, Queen of Dawn and Dusk. Queen of the Night Sky, Keeper of Secrets and Magic

Mehrunes Dagon: Prince of Destruction and Chaos

Molag Bal: The Schemer, Prince of Evil, Enslavement

Namira: Lady of Decay, Princess of the Night, Darkness

Sanguine: Prince of Revelry, Debauchery

The Daedra

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