The Nine Divines

The gods of Creation, also known as the Aedra. After the White-Gold Concordant, there are only Eight Divines like of old. The names in bold represent the most popular Divines.

Akatosh: The Dragon God of Time. The First God.

Arkay: The Lord of the Wheel of Life. The Mortal’s God. God of life and death, Spring and Winter. His priests oversee burial rights and seek the destruction of all necromancers.

Dibella: The Queen of Heaven. Goddess of Beauty, and Love.

Jhunl: God of Wisdom and Logic. Master of Magic. His priests are the Keepers of the Elder Scrolls.

Kynareth (or Kyne): The Sky Goddess. Goddess of good fortune.

Mara: The Mother Goddess. Goddess of the hearth, family and love.

Stendarr: God of Mercy and Justice.

Talos: Tiber Septim, The Dragon of the North, Emperor of Tamriel. He conquered all the known lands, including the Aldermeri Dominion. Though the worship of Talos has been banned, many still worship him, especially in Skyrim.

Zenithar: The Trader. God of Merchants and Gold.

The Nine Divines

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